Whether you are thinking of launching a new line of products as an Etsy or Amazon store, or wish to gain insight into the current e-commerce market, we offer coaching and mentoring services to help you stay current, to suit your brand to your target audience, and of course, have successful sales!

Jewelry Expert
Jewelry Expert

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Gold Accessories

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Diamond Ring

Jewelry Expert
Jewelry Expert



  • Managing Director of Israel Jewelers Association

  • Chairman of the Jewelry Division of Israel Chamber of Commerce 

  • Representative of Israel in Global World Jewelry Confederation CIBJO

  • Regional Advisor for leading  jewelry exhibition companies, including HKTDC, Vicenza Oro, HK Informa.

  • Exclusive representative for "IEG Trendvision Forecasting"

  • Over 25 years of experience as a senior manager in several global brands companies in the field of sales, marketing and operation.

   I offer consultation and mentoring in the following areas:


  • Design elements for product development

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Digital presence, E-commerce and B2B solutions

  • Assessment of the analytics of current sales and sales potential to existing collections

  • Online stores  - Updated to the current worldwide trends

  • Amazon and Etsy stores solutions 

  • Suitability between the product and your target audience's patterns of consumerism

  • Business development for those wishing to deal in export of jewelry/fashion/luxury

  • Business strategies

  • International and regional branding

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